About Medical Mould Injection Processing Cost


From design and development to mould forming, medical m […]

From design and development to mould forming, medical moulds have to go through many links to be completed. Every link involves the cost of mould processing. How can we produce precision moulds at a lower price?


1.The cost of medical mouldprocessing

This part is the main component of the mould price and the main factor affecting the price. The same pair of moulds are manufactured in different companies. Although the factors included in the price are the same, the cost is different. This is mainly affected by many factors such as the degree of automation of mechanical processing, the proportion of manual operations, the rationality of the production process route and so on. Of course, the precision of mould manufacturing is different with different means. With the continuous improvement of product quality, the requirements for the grade and accuracy of moulds are increasing, forcing mould manufacturers to configure high-precision machine tools to replace manual operations with mechanical processing and electrical processing. Therefore, cost control is the top priority.


2.Reasonable process design

The reduction of manufacturing cost depends on reasonable process design, correct processing flow and high standard parts utilization rate.


3.Lower mouldtrial

At the same time, reducing the number of mould trials and reducing trial costs is also an important part of reducing production costs.

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