Common Problems and Solutions of Medical Moulds in Injection Molding


Common problems and solutions in injection molding proc […]

Common problems and solutions in injection molding process of medical moulds: Many people know that in the process of using plastic injection molding, there will always be problems in the injection molding process due to improper operation of materials or machines. Now let’s take a look at the common problems that you have in daily injection molding. And the answering method, make a summary.

Injection processing:

1. The product has burrs

Possible reasons: 1. The mould vent is blocked; 2. The injection pressure and holding pressure are too high; 3. The machine pressure is too high, and the mould parting force is greater than the clamping force, and the mould is forced to start; 4. The shooting speed is too fast and the material temperature is too high. Too high.

Solution: 1. Reduce injection pressure and pressure holding; 2. Reduce injection speed and material temperature; 3. Reduce pressure and increase mould clamping; 4. Clean mould

Two, product deformation

Possible reasons: 1. The mould temperature is too high or too low; 2. The cooling time is too short, and the product is not sufficiently cooled; 3. The mould opening speed is too fast, and the strong tension is deformed; 4. The glue feeding point design is unreasonable.

Solution: 1. Air enters the material pipe; 2. The shooting speed is too fast, and the air in the mould cavity cannot be discharged instantly; 3. The raw material contains moisture; 4. The molding temperature is too high, and the raw material is decomposed by high temperature.

The structural difficulty of medical moulds supplying plastic parts samples can generally be understood as follows: the more messy the shape of the plastic parts, the more difficult it is to manufacture the mould.

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