Guidance On Replacement Of Three Way Stopcock


Replace the Three Way Stopcock to prevent the occurrenc […]

Replace the Three Way Stopcock to prevent the occurrence of catheter-related bloodstream infection. Ranch

1.The Three Way Stopcock should be replaced every 24 hours. If there is blood return, shedding, damage, pollution

2.The Three Way Stopcock should be kept clean and dry during use and placed in a sterile treatment towel



1.Wash your hands and wear a mask and hat.

2.Prepare items.

3.Bring items to the patient's bedside.

4. Check the patient's identity and check the execution order.

5.Explain the procedure to the patient.

6.Use a 10 ml empty needle to extract the saline solution in a sterile square dish according to the aseptic method.

7.Disinfect your hands. Pre-flush the Three Way Stopcock with a 10ml saline syringe and close it.

8.Put a treatment towel under the infusion catheter

9.Remove the old Three Way Stopcock;

10.Use a 5% PVP cotton ball cotton swab to disinfect the outer wall of the catheter connector for 10 turns

11.Connect one or more new Three Way Stopcocks

12.Connect the infusion set and each micropump tube in order

13.Mark each micropump tube well

14.Wrap the sterile treatment towel with the Three Way Stopcock to form a local sterile area

15.Finishing thing

16.Wash your hands and record.


be careful:

1.Evaluation requires several Three Way Stopcocks

2.Take the number of Three Way Stopcocks as required. If there are multiple Three Way Stopcocks, connect them first.

3.Connect a tube to open a path, put an infusion label on it, and indicate the name of the drug



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