How Much Do You Know About Medical Injection Molds?


How much do you know about medical injection molds? Gen […]

How much do you know about medical injection molds?

General medical injection molds have high requirements on the service life of the mold, so the steel requirements for the mold are also very high. Medical injection molds must use good steel, because the medical molds have the appearance of the product. Required, the output and precision of the product are also very demanding, so the steel material of the medical injection mold cannot be worse than S136.

There are many standards for the production of medical injection molds. Almost every different product has different standards. Medical injection molds are generally made in some wealthier cities, such as Shanghai, Zhejiang, and Guangdong, mainly in these places. .

The requirements for medical injection molds are very high. If the mold factory does not understand this standard, it will be troublesome. Many product sizes must have national standards. The standard for molds is mainly automatic production, mold multi-cavity production, and products cannot be any Burr burrs.

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