Information about I.V. Catheters Mould


Purpose of indwelling needle: 1. Establishing venous ac […]

Purpose of indwelling needle:

1. Establishing venous access for patients, which is convenient for rescue and suitable for long-term transfusion patients.

2. Supplement electrolyte, maintain acid-base balance, increase blood volume, maintain blood pressure and improve microcirculation.

3. The purpose of treating diseases such as infection control and diuresis is achieved by inputting liquid medicine.

4. Supplementing nutrition, supplying energy, promoting tissue repair, increasing body weight and obtaining positive nitrogen balance.

Matters needing attention:

1. After the transparent film is replaced, record the puncture date.

2. The retention time of intravenous trocar can refer to the instructions for use.

3. Before and after each infusion, check whether the puncture site and vein of the patient are red or swollen, and ask the patient about the situation. If any abnormality is found, the catheter should be pulled out in time and treated.

4. The official sealing solution can be normal saline, heparin solution, etc.

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