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Compared with conventional appliances, disposable plast […]

Compared with conventional appliances, disposable plastic medical devices have the advantages of preventing cross-infection, convenient use, energy saving and water saving, and can improve medical efficiency. Therefore, they are welcomed by the user departments.


Especially in recent years, with the epidemic of "AIDS" and various infectious diseases in the world, disposable plastic medical devices have been developed rapidly. Disposable plastic medical devices mainly refer to medical devices that are designed for one-time use by patients in medical units. The main varieties are infusion sets, blood transfusion devices, syringes, blood bags, drainage bags, medicine cups, sputum cups, tongue depressors, and test tubes. Wait.


The development of disposable plastic medical devices in foreign countries has a certain history. The product variety and production scale have been fairly well established. The annual sales of medical polymer materials and products worldwide are 20 billion US dollars. More than 50 billion US dollars, of which disposable plastic medical devices account for a large proportion, the fastest growing demand.


According to incomplete statistics, at present, more than 200 companies abroad produce plastic medical devices that are used once, and the output is considerable. Judging from the situation in the US market, the purchase amount of disposable plastic injectors has reached the annual level, and it is now popular to write. Although Japan has been using disposable plastic injectors for a short time since the beginning of the year, at this stage, disposable plastic injectors have almost completely replaced traditional glass injectors, with an annual output of more than 100 million. Other developed countries in the world have already used disposable plastic syringes. The Chinese Medical Devices Delegation inspected the Japanese company Nisshin and learned that the annual output value of plastic medical devices produced by the company is equivalent to the total output value of medical devices throughout the country in the same year. According to the United States Market Information Research Corporation, it is estimated that the use of plastic medical devices once a year will increase the intestine every year. Annual sales are about $ 100 million and will reach $ 100 million annually. From the perspective of the entire international market, some developed countries have adjusted the technical structure of their industries to develop high-tech products, leaving a certain international market for us to develop conventional medium- and light-duty medical devices and disposable medical devices.


It is estimated that a single use of plastic medical devices will maintain a certain growth need. China began to use disposable plastic medical devices in the early 1980s, and has developed rapidly. With the development of China's medical and health services and the continuous improvement of people's lives, in order to meet the diverse requirements of 1.1 billion people in diagnosis and treatment, disposable medical devices have also been accepted by more and more people, and their demand has also increased. Increasingly, especially after the publication of the Ministry of Health's medical document "Notice on Promoting the Use of Disposable Plastic Syringes, Infusion Sets, Blood Transfusion Devices, and Needles", many medical units have generally used single-use plastic medical supplies, thereby avoiding medical treatment. Cross-infection at the source has made medicines and treatments play a good role and greatly improved the level of medical treatment. Hundreds of factories in China have produced or are preparing to produce plastic medical devices for one-time use, and the variety is constantly expanding.


 Although the production and application of disposable plastic medical devices in China have had a good start, from the current situation of the users, the conventional and disposable devices are coexisting in clinical use, and are mainly based on conventional devices. . One-time use of plastic medical devices In the promotion of plastics, plastics also encountered the following problems

 The price is chaotic and unstable, especially the increased cost of medical units, which leads to an increase in the additional cost of treatment. The product structure is unreasonable, the variety and specifications are incomplete, the products are not matched, and there is no leading product or fist product.


At present, domestic disposable plastic medical devices are mostly concentrated on simple processes, small investment, easy to launch, and products with low technical requirements, such as disposable blood transfusion devices, and those with high material requirements and product shapes. Complex products go unnoticed. The raw materials for disposable plastic medical devices are mainly medical grade resins. At present, only a few manufacturers produce these raw materials in China, and their quantity and quality can not meet the needs.

In some enterprises, due to the rude equipment, lack of special equipment, lack of detection methods, strict sterilization, technical, technological, and tooling have not established strict process regulations and quality supervision systems, resulting in the quality of many products is not close or Unstable.


One-time use of plastic medical devices is widely used after clinical use, because after-use recycling cannot be resolved, one side will cause environmental pollution and increase cross-infection, which will become a hidden danger of spreading bacteria.


 These deficiencies and problems have prevented the development and widespread use of disposable plastic medical devices.


In light of the above situation, the following suggestions are made for the development of the one-time use of plastic medical devices in our country. For enterprises producing single-use plastic medical devices, it is necessary to make appropriate adjustments through production license issuance procedures and other means, to concentrate as much as possible on a reasonable economic scale, to strengthen industry management, to ensure that products are safe, effective, and of high quality. Demand in foreign markets, not blindly develop production to prevent oversupply. The market standard should be aimed at the international market, appropriately set up some export bases, further expand exports, open up the international market, introduce advanced technology, participate in international exchanges and competition, and meet the needs of the international domestic market. Manufacturers should not blindly force numbers, but must strengthen measures to improve quality and reduce costs. Continuously increase the variety, level, quality, focus on social and economic benefits, take technology as a guide, optimize corporate structure, optimize product structure, optimize production layout and continuously strengthen macro management, and gradually implement production, scientific research, technology, sales, and recycling services Integration, achieve serialization of variety specifications, and focus on updating, supporting supporting work such as sterilization and recycling, and promoting the comprehensive development of disposable plastic medical devices

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