Medical clinical application of Three Way Stopcock


The Three Way Stopcock is currently widely used in clin […]

The Three Way Stopcock is currently widely used in clinical work, but most of it is used for intravenous infusion. In actual work, we also use it for other nursing operations, which are described below.

Application in long-term indwelling gastric tube


After the gastric tube is successfully inserted, the tee is connected to the end of the gastric tube, and then wrapped with gauze and fixed. When in use, the syringe or infusion set is connected to the side hole of the tee, and the tee switch valve can be opened to inject the tube feed solution. After the injection is completed, the switch valve is closed, and the gauze is wrapped and fixed.

In the conventional tube feeding diet, in order to prevent the tube feeding fluid from flowing back and to prevent air from entering the patient's stomach, the tube must be folded back with one hand when the tube feeding solution is sucked, and the tube feeding solution must be sucked with the other hand, or the end of the tube can be folded back After wrapping with gauze and fixing it with rubber band or clip, you can suck tube feeding solution. After the medical tee is used, the on-off valve of the tee can be closed when sucking the tube feed, which not only simplifies the operation procedure, but also improves work efficiency.

After the conventional tube feeding diet, the end of the gastric tube needs to be folded back and fixed, which can easily cause adhesion of the gastric tube. After using the three-way tube, the tube feeding is completed, and the three-way on-off valve is closed and fixed, which prevents gastric tube adhesion and prolongs the service life of the gastric tube.


2.Application in oxygen bag

Method: One end of the tee is connected to the oxygen bag connecting tube, and the other end is connected to the oxygen tube.

The oxygen bag is an indispensable tool during referral and transfer. The oxygen bag that has been in the standby state for a long time will slowly deflate. This is because the switch of the oxygen bag itself cannot be fully closed, resulting in oxygen leakage! And the oxygen tube in the switch position will be squeezed and damaged for a long time. Now replacing the tee will solve these small problems perfectly! Our slogan is no leaks and no breaks!


3.Application in bladder irrigation


When the bladder is flushed, the three paths of the medical tee are connected to the end of the urinary tube, the urine collection bag, and the nipple of the infusion set, respectively. When rinsing, open the rinsing solution and the urinary catheter channel, and the rinsing solution flows into the bladder. After the patient has urination or drips about 200ml of solution, close the rinsing tube, open the urinary tube and urine collection bag channel, and the bladder fluid flows into the urine collection bag . Rinse as often as needed.

Improve the service life of the catheter and avoid needle stick injuries!

In traditional bladder irrigation, an infusion needle needs to be used to puncture the front section of the connection between the catheter and the urine collection bag, and fixed with adhesive tape. However, repeated punctures can easily lead to leakage of the catheter, and damage the life of the catheter. If the needle is not firmly fixed or the patient is restless, the needle may slip out and cause needle stick injuries. Do not puncture after using the three-way valve to reduce damage to the catheter, avoid needle stick injuries, and increase the service life of the catheter!



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