Medical Mould-About Mould Processing And Mould Opening


mould processing and mould opening have a crucial role […]

mould processing and mould opening have a crucial role for mould processing. Most manufacturers may not know which aspects to consider when opening mould processing. In fact, from the current situation , Because the mould processing itself involves relatively many things.




When the mould is processed and opened, because each mould is a major product of products produced by different manufacturers, so this product also represents the product produced by this manufacturer. The standard of the product is generally They are all set on the inner surface of the product, and they are relatively flat. They will use the form of protrusions for comprehensive processing. Generally speaking, when we open the mould, the normal direction must be selected to ensure that the direction of the mould is Consistently, only in this way can the mark be set in this way to avoid the situation of strain on the entire product.



2.Precision of injection parts

In the process of mould processing and opening, the accuracy of injection price must also be considered. Generally speaking, when the product is injected, the unevenness or uncertainty of the shrinkage rate will also make the accuracy of the entire injection cost significantly lower Because of the existing metal parts, it is not easy to apply the current mechanical parts. In fact, in the process of processing, we have our own processing standards. Generally speaking, we must take into account the existing tolerance requirements while carrying out comprehensive processing, because the actual size tolerances for the processing of these moulds are also released in China. Therefore, the designer can set the use requirements of the relevant plastic raw materials and related parts according to the final actual needs, do the dimensional tolerance processing according to the provisions in the standard, and set the product according to the comprehensive strength of the factory, and the product Accuracy must also be fully considered in the design process.



3.Deformation of injection parts

mould opening also needs to consider whether the injection moulded parts will deform during processing. In this way, the rigidity of the injection moulded product structure can be effectively improved, and the possibility of deformation is reduced. Try to avoid some flat plates. The structure is reasonably set with various flanging, and the concave and convex structure must be set reasonably, so that we can bring better protection to us.




In the process of full-scale processing of the mould, it is possible to set the buckling device into multiple different buckling positions, so that when the full-scale processing can be performed in different places, and the overall device is used at the same time, it does not seem to be because of Some buckles are damaged and cannot be operated, which will extend the service life of the entire product mould invisible, and then consider adding some rounded corners to increase the strength to some extent. During the actual production of the product, the observation requirements for the relevant dimensions are very strict. Generally speaking, the position of the reverse button is prone to damage. On the contrary, if the position of the reverse button is too small, the position of the entire equipment may appear. Excessive phenomenon. Therefore, we can effectively realize mould processing and mould opening by reserving this method of mould modification. This is a more important processing method for many people.



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