Medical Mould-How To Reduce Defects In Mould Processing


When processing the abrasive tools, the final hardness […]

When processing the abrasive tools, the final hardness after heat treatment must be reduced to the lowest limit, because the quenching stress or the networked carbonized structure can cause the structure to be produced under certain forces. A kind of cracks that are very easy to break. Cool them reasonably and use some coolant inside, then in this case they can fully play a role and can maintain the final lubrication. In this way, they can be effectively controlled within the allowable range. To prevent the thermal deformation of the workpiece, the abrasive company will operate according to the actual situation.



1) In the process of operation, the cooling conditions of the original grinding will be changed first. If the oil-soaked grinding wheel or internally cooled grinding wheel is used for related rectification, then the entire cutting fluid will be changed. Introduced into the center of the grinding wheel to prevent some burns on the surface of the workpiece. The reasonable use of coolant can play a number of different roles and maintain the lubrication of the coolant, so that the grinding can be effectively controlled and the grinding can be guaranteed. Within a certain allowable range, deformation of parts can be effectively prevented.


2) After the heat treatment, the quenching stress can be reduced to a minimum, and because the quenching stress and the networked carbonized structure have other grinding forces, some cracks generated by the entire structure are particularly prone to fracture. For high-precision abrasive tools, it is basically to eliminate the residual stress of the original grinding. After grinding, the low temperature can be effectively treated, so that the toughness can be improved.


3) If you want better grinding and eliminate the stress of grinding, you can basically soak these abrasive tools in salt water at 260 degrees Celsius to 315 degrees Celsius, and then put them in 30 degrees Celsius oil for cooling. In this way, their hardness can be reduced, and the residual stress can basically be reduced by 40% to 65%.


4) In the process of processing abrasive tools, the tolerance of all dimensions is controlled at 0.01 mm. In this way, for those precision abrasive tools, relatively speaking, you must pay attention to the environment when grinding, and the impact on them must be To require constant temperature processing, we can understand some processing here through related calculations, which are basically steel parts of 300 mm. At the same time of processing, the temperature difference is controlled within three degrees Celsius, all materials are changed at about 10.8 microns, and each processing procedure will basically fully consider this factor.


5) In the process of using electrolytic abrasives for processing, it is necessary to effectively improve the accuracy and surface quality of the abrasives, and the electrolytic abrasives themselves also have more processing modes, not some metals, because the whole The grinding heat is relatively small, it will not produce some burrs and cracks, and even the surface roughness can be optimized. In this case, the wear of the silicon carbide grinding wheel can be reduced to about 400%, and the wear of the grinding wheel can reach 50% of the wear of the hard alloy.


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