Medical Mould-Precision Injection Mould And Precision Injection Moulding


The  precision injection mould  refers to a device that […]

The  precision injection mould  refers to a device that obtains products with a certain shape after the resin material is injected into the metal model. In fact, in order to control the temperature of the mould, there are cooling holes, heaters and other devices on the mould to pass the refrigerant. The material that has become the melt enters the main channel, and is injected into the mould cavity through the runner. After the cooling stage, the mould is opened, and the ejector on the moulding machine will eject the ejector rod and push the product out. The moulded product is composed of a main flow path that allows molten resin to flow, a flow path that guides the molten resin into the mould cavity, and a product. We usually design the length of the shunt to be equal. Use of recycled materials The main channel and shunt channel in the moulded product are not products, and sometimes they are discarded or crushed and used again as a moulding material. We call it backfeed. Recycled material is generally not used alone as a moulding material, but is usually used after being mixed with new materials. This is because after a single moulding, the mechanical properties, fluidity, color and other characteristics of the resin will change.


Precision injection moulding means that the appearance accuracy of injection moulded products should meet strict dimensional tolerances, shape and position tolerances and surface roughness. There are many related conditions for precision injection moulding, and the most essential are the four basic factors of plastic materials, injection moulds, injection moulding process and injection moulding equipment. When designing plastic products, engineering plastic materials should be selected first, and engineering plastics capable of precision injection moulding must select materials with high mechanical properties, stable dimensions, good creep resistance, and resistance to environmental stress cracking. Secondly, the appropriate injection moulding machine should be selected according to the selected plastic material, finished product dimensional accuracy, part weight, quality requirements and the expected mould structure.


1.Rapid mouldmanufacturing  

The rapid mould making technology has a short mould cycle, simple process, easy promotion, low mould cost, precision and longevity to meet a specific functional need, good comprehensive economic benefits, and is a fast, convenient and practical mould manufacturing technology. Especially suitable for new product development and trial production, process verification and functional verification, as well as multi-variety small batch production.



2.Rapid manufacturing technology for precision injection moulds.


3.Precision injection moulding technology.
By reasonably determining the size and tolerance of the mould, adopting technical measures such as preventing shrinkage error, injection deformation, demoulding deformation, overflow, etc. of the injection moulded product, and ensuring the accuracy of the mould, and adopting the correct precision injection moulding process and applicable engineering plastics Materials and sophisticated injection moulding equipment make it the best match.


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