Medical Mould-Selection Of Medical Device Mould Material


Most people usually don't know much about medical devic […]

Most people usually don't know much about medical device moulds, they don't know where these products are used, and they don't know whether their manufacturing process is complicated? It is reported that the choice of materials is very important in the processing of moulds. Not all moulds use the same material, there may be different choices according to actual needs. So, what conditions should be met when choosing mould materials?


First of all, the mould material of medical devices must have a certain wear resistance. During the processing, the blank will undergo plastic deformation and flow along the surface of the cavity. At this time, the blank material will have a certain friction with the surface of the cavity. Once the friction force is too large, the mould will be severely worn, and the use value will be lost. Therefore, when choosing the mould material, attention should be paid to wear resistance, which is indispensable. The most important factor affecting wear resistance is hardness, which is beyond doubt.

When the hardness of medical device mould parts is higher, the degree of wear suffered during the manufacturing process will be less, indicating that the wear resistance of the material is not bad. In addition, the shape, size, and number of carbides in the material all affect the wear resistance, and attention needs to be paid.


Second, the mould materials of medical devices must have toughness. Sometimes the working conditions for making moulds are not ideal, even a little tea. Only after a huge impact can it be done. If the toughness of the mould material is not good, it will break. In order to avoid this situation, you can only choose tough and strong materials. The toughness of raw materials depends on the carbon content.


Third, the medical device mould material should have certain fatigue fracture performance. In the process of making moulds, when subjected to cyclic stress for a long time, it will show fatigue fracture performance. If the material itself has such properties, it can extend the service life. The factors that determine this performance are not single. It depends on your own strength, toughness and hardness.


Fourth, medical device mould materials should have high temperature performance. When making the mould, it will be carried out at high temperature. When the working temperature is too high, the hardness and strength will be reduced accordingly. In this case, the mould will be worn early and may fail. If the mould material has good temperature resistance, it can play a protective role. Even working at high temperatures will not affect the hardness and strength, extending the effective life.


Fifth, medical device mould materials should have heat-resistant cold fatigue properties. Sometimes in the process of making medical device moulds, in order to achieve better results, it is necessary to repeatedly heat and cool. At this time, the cavity will be affected by the pressure and tension, which will cause cracking or flaking. Once this happens, the dimensional accuracy of the mould will be reduced, and the effect will be lost. With the cold and hot fatigue performance of milk, it can reduce the adverse effects and ensure the quality of the mould.


The above properties are important and need to be demonstrated in the medical device mould. Sometimes, when the material is selected correctly, it can exhibit many properties to ensure the quality and performance of the mould. On the contrary, the wrong choice of materials will not only cost you money, but may also cause other hidden dangers. For major manufacturers, they should carefully select materials and reduce costs on the basis of ensuring quality and performance.


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