Medical Mould-Steel For Plastic Moulds


(1) Steel for structural parts There are many structura […]

(1) Steel for structural parts
There are many structural parts in plastic moulds, such as mould bases and cushions. Carbon cable structural steel is generally used. q235a is a kind of cheaper steel, which can be used for the moving and fixed mould bases of injection moulds, cushion blocks and pressure plates.

45 steel is a widely used material, which can be used for the push rod fixing plate of the injection mould, the side slider guide rail, the side slider body, etc. It can also be used to manufacture cores and cavities with simple shapes, but the effective life is generally 50,000 to 80,000 times, and the polishing performance is not good.

55 steel can be used to manufacture cores and cavities with simple shapes and low accuracy requirements. It can also be used for parts such as push plate, side slider body, push rod, reset skewer, core fixing plate and support wrench.
40cr is a widely used medium-carbon low-alloy steel, used to manufacture small and medium-sized injection moulds with small shapes, small cores and push rods, and various other demoulding mechanisms. Can be hardened and tempered.

T8, tl0 carbon tool steel can be used to make guide posts, guide sleeves, push rods, inclined pins and other structural parts.


(2) General mould alloy steel
These are some high-carbon alloy steels with small quenching deformation and good hardenability. After heat treatment, they can be ground to a mirror surface with a grinder. Commonly used steel types such as 9crwmn, cr12 mov and 3cr2w8v. Hardenability.


(3) Special steel for plastic mould
my country introduced steel grades for manufacturing injection moulded parts from abroad, mainly the p series and h series of the United States, such as p20, h13, p20s. h13s etc. p20 is a low-alloy chromium-molybdenum pre-hardened steel. The so-called pre-hardened steel refers to those steels with appropriate hardness that can be used without heat treatment after mechanical processing and precision grinding. P20 can be surface carburized, domestically made p20 (3cr2mo) steel, pre-hardened hardness is 36 ~ 38hrc, no heat treatment is used in mould manufacturing, which can ensure high shape and dimensional accuracy after processing, and is easy to polish, so it is widely used . Adding Ryukyu to pre-hardened steel can improve cutting performance and is suitable for manufacturing large moulds.
h13 is also a widely used plastic mould steel. It has good wear resistance, toughness, easy polishing, and small deformation during heat treatment.


In addition to pre-hardened steel, mirror steel and corrosion-resistant steel are also available.


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