Medical Mould-What Is Mould Manufacturing?


mould manufacturing technology has developed very quick […]

mould manufacturing technology has developed very quickly in our lives. It has become an important part of modern manufacturing technology, but some people do not know what mould manufacturing is because they are less exposed to this aspect. The characteristics of manufacturing are introduced to let people better understand the mould manufacturing.


To know what mould manufacturing is, we must first understand its production characteristics. The mould is a special process equipment with a very long life. It exhibits the following characteristics in the production process. When it is produced, Only a certain shape can be produced, and the size and precision of the mould should be fixed, so when it is produced, they are all produced in a single piece, and a variety of products can be produced. When the mould is produced, the required production cycle is very short. As the market competition becomes more and more fierce, the process requirements for mould manufacturing are now higher and higher, and the production cycle is required to be shorter and shorter. When manufacturing, aspects such as production management, design, and process should be able to adapt to objective requirements.




If you need to use multiple pairs of moulds to complete the processing of a part, then each pair of moulds should be involved and influenced by each other. When producing moulds, you need to go through trial punching and testing after mould assembly Pressure treatment, after test punching and pressure test, can determine whether the mould manufacturing is qualified, and some parts need to be repaired in the case of unqualified, so when manufacturing the mould, the production schedule must be A certain amount of free time should be left to allow time for trial.




What is mould manufacturing? This may be a problem that many people are more concerned about. The current mould manufacturing is also evolving. It is gradually developing in the direction of mechanization, precision, and automation. Now the parts of the product have very high requirements on the mould. The precision is relatively high, the life is relatively long, and the efficiency of the mould is relatively high when it is used, so now there are higher requirements for mould manufacturing. The precision of the machine tools that require mould processing is also very high, and the processing technology The conditions, measurement methods and methods are also getting higher and higher, so the current mould manufacturing is gradually developing towards high-tech intensive.




In the manufacture of moulds, the mould machine tools used are generally universal universal machine tools, measuring tools and some instruments are also common, so that you can avoid using some other second-class tools. In order to ensure that the precision of the processing is relatively high when manufacturing the mould, and reduce the difficulty in the processing process, the mould is generally designed and manufactured using the "real matching method" and "same boring method" to Completing the relevant operations, so that when the mould is manufactured, the interchangeability of parts is greatly reduced. And when manufacturing moulds, all processes should be relatively concentrated, so that the quality and progress of mould manufacturing can be guaranteed, and the turnaround time of the processes can be reduced, making management simplified.




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