Needleless Injection Site : Continuous Infusion System And Needle-Free Connector


The introduction of pinless connectors eliminates the u […]

The introduction of pinless connectors eliminates the use of pins and the risks associated with them. But these connectors are designed for intermittent use. So why is it common to use them in continuous infusions?


Before introducing a needleless connector, the only option was to place a needle at the end of the intravenous drug delivery device and pass the needle through the solid covering on the injection cap.


There are concerns about placing needles in injection caps for long periods of time, including broken needles in the lumen of the catheter, needle plungers in and out of the injection cap, the risk of infection, and the risk of needlestick injuries to healthcare. staff member. Therefore, this practice is limited to short-term intermittent infusions, which typically take 30-60 minutes. All continuous infusions are connected via a direct hub-to-hub Luer lock mechanism.


A common reason for this is to avoid opening the catheter lumen when it is necessary to change the mode of administration. However, this reason does not meet the CDC guidelines, which states that pinless connectors should be replaced at the same time interval as the management device. Therefore, the inner cavity must be opened to change the connectors and set them at the same time. The presence of a needle-free connector inside the continuous system allows the infusion to be stopped while the patient is moving, showering or other activities, which is problematic. This means increased handling of the catheter hub and may increase the risk of contamination and infection. This question is more suitable for hospitalized patients, because in other cases, most infusions are intermittent rather than continuous.


Needleless connectors in continuous infusions add unnecessary equipment (which means increased costs). They are known sources of infection; and they do not enhance or alter fluid flow in any way. The sole purpose of designing this connector is to eliminate the danger of needle and needle stick injuries.


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