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Pinless connectors differ in ways Appearance and how it […]

Pinless connectors differ in ways

Appearance and how it works.

External characteristics. The plug of the pinless connector of the housing may be opaque, colored, or transparent. The external connection surface may have an angle in the center or be almost flat, concave or indented.


There are two ways to connect an IV set or syringe:

The male luer needle tip of an IV or syringe, or the cannula attached to a blunt instrument, can be manually pushed through a split septum or (2) directly luer locked to a mechanical valve. Although some diaphragm separation devices will accept needles, needles must never be used in needleless systems.

Internal characteristics. Although the appearance may be similar, there are internal differences in pinless connectors that affect how they operate.


Simple and complex.

Most needleless connectors fall into one of two categories: simple connectors without internal moving parts, such as those with external lobes; and complex connectors, which rely on internal moving parts (such as mechanical valves) to control flow
Liquid in the device.


The number of internal feature connectors determines how the device handles fluid displacement and the fluid path.

The fluid displacement within the needleless connector is described by the manufacturer as negative, positive or neutral. Negative connector displacement causes blood to be pulled back or back into the catheter lumen during the connection process, when disconnected or connected to the management set. A connector with a positive fluid displacement contains a small amount of fluid so that when the IV is set or the syringe is not connected, the fluid is pushed into the catheter lumen to overcome blood flow back into the lumen. Neutral fluid replacement prevents blood from entering the catheter lumen when connected or disconnected. Determine needle-free fluid displacement

For connectors, you must refer to product information and instructions. Positive or neutral displacement of the connector will usually


Devices with negative displacement rarely discuss the quality of this issue. Although the word "stress" is often used


Describe a connector with positive displacement. Such a device does not actually generate any pressure but only moves the fluid forward in the catheter. When the infusion pressure drops, the lumen is automatically formed to prevent blood from flowing back into the catheter lumen.


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