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The connector is a small component in the design of med […]

The connector is a small component in the design of medical equipment. Some people may think that the connector is only a trivial part of medical equipment. However, Yuhuan Shengjiu Mould Co., Ltd. should point out that, in fact, the connector plays a huge role in the normal function of the device. With the advancement of medical technology, the requirements for safety, reliability, appearance and speed of medical connectors are also increasing.

1.Safety of medical connectors

When patients receive treatment, the last thing they want to be exposed to is danger. Although the danger is uncommon, it has been reported that there are cases of serious injury or even death caused by contact with medical connector conductors. In the resolution, the IEC proposed a standard that requires connectors used in medical applications to contain a form of insulation that can prevent people from being exposed to vibrations when in contact, further improving the safety of modern medical equipment.

2.Reliability of medical connectors

With the advancement of medical technology, the equipment used is also constantly developing, and the professionals we rely on also rely on their equipment to function flawlessly. Although the connector looks like a trivial component in this complex device, they play a key role in the reliability of medical devices. When the connector is used as the connection between the probe and its medical equipment during the operation, it is hoped that the connector will run perfectly, because the reliability of the connector can directly affect the success or failure of the operation, which is related to the life of the patient. This is why the medical industry continues to invest in connectors that have been proven to provide reliable performance over the life of the device.

3.Components of medical connectors

Similar to smartphones, medical devices have appearance requirements. Due to recent medical advances, surgeons can perform certain operations. Some medical devices allow surgeons to complete their complex operations, such as cardiac bypass surgery, which requires creating a small incision and inserting a laparoscopic camera. The success of these types of operations also depends on the complex components within such medical devices, such as connectors, and the ability of the surgical system to perform and optimize the device's functionality.

4.Speed ​​of medical connector

To ensure the success of this minimally invasive medical operation, previous surgeons monitored these types of operations by using images transmitted in real-time from the laparoscopic camera inside the patient. Modern connector technology allows these large amounts of data to be transmitted at high speed and with high integrity, which greatly promotes the success of these operations.


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