Oxygen Mask Mould-Introduction Of Gas Cutting Oxygen Mask


The gas-cut mask is specially designed for gas-cut oxyg […]

The gas-cut mask is specially designed for gas-cut oxygen treatment of patients' oxygen demand.
Dual swivel 360O rotating design makes patients feel more comfortable and easier to use.
The easy-to-use single-sided buckle, latex-free headband is not easy to cause allergies.
Lightweight, medical grade PVC compound with reduced allergies and better tightness.
Equipped with a universal connection head and a 2 meter oxygen tube, it can be connected to a flow meter, humidifier or other oxygen conducting device
The top has vent holes for exhalation and sputum extraction.
Available in two sizes for adults and children.
Used by a single patient to avoid cross infection.
Oxygen tube length: 2M
Material conforms to ISO biocompatibility standard


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