Oxygen Mask Mould-Introduction Of Medical Plastic Oxygen Mask


Medical plastic oxygen masks are mainly used by medical […]

Medical plastic oxygen masks are mainly used by medical service providers for oxygen therapy because they are disposable and therefore reduce cleaning costs and infection risks. Mask designs can determine the accuracy of oxygen delivered in many medical situations that require oxygen therapy. Indoor air naturally produces 21% of oxygen, a higher percentage is usually essential in medical treatment. These higher percentages of oxygen are classified as a drug in which too much oxygen can be harmful to a patient's health, leading to the passage of oxygen over time and, in extreme cases, blindness. For these reasons, oxygen therapy is closely monitored. The mask is lightweight and can be secured with an elastic headband or ear loops. They are transparent, allowing paramedics to visualize the face for patient evaluation and reduce the feeling of claustrophobia experienced by some patients while wearing an oxygen mask. Most surgical patients wear an oxygen mask at some stage.



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