Oxygen Mask Mould-Simple Mask, Bag Mask: Difference


The simpler face mask (common face mask) must be more c […]

The simpler face mask (common face mask) must be more commonly used in the clinic, and can be taken anywhere. We need to know that the simple mask does not have extra parts such as one-way flaps or air bags, which is simple and common. There are some small holes in the mask, exhaled air can be discharged from the small holes, and air can also enter through the small holes. The shortcomings of this mask are obvious, which affects the patient's speech, sputum, eating, and even can't sing. This is not a joke. Indeed, the patient asked me to change her nasal catheter. The reason is that she wants to practice songs in the morning. I know she can Was discharged. Through this simple mask for oxygen inhalation, the oxygen flow rate needs to be adjusted to above 5-6L/min to flush out the exhaled breath (including CO2) in the mask. If the oxygen flow rate is too low, not only the inhaled oxygen concentration decreases, but also the exhaled breath CO2 can accumulate in the mask, resulting in repeated inhalation of CO2, which is not a good thing, especially for patients with AECOPD, we want to inhale oxygen at a low flow rate (such as 2L/min) to avoid CO2 caused by too high inhaled oxygen concentration Retention, but mostly through the nasal catheter or venturi mask to provide oxygen, rather than ordinary masks, if you use noninvasive positive pressure ventilation, it is another matter. The maximum inhaled oxygen concentration of a simple mask is 50%-60%, which has been improved compared with nasal catheters or nasal congestion. It is mainly used for patients with severe hypoxia but no CO2 retention. When oxygen is supplied by a simple mask, FiO2 will not increase further when the oxygen flow rate is greater than 8L/min.




Some patients are severely hypoxic, and the ordinary mask cannot meet the requirements, and the conditions of intubation to the ventilator are not available. At this time, you can consider using a mask with a storage bag. Its structure is very simple, just assemble a latex or rubber on the simple mask The air bag is only made, but the existence of this air bag greatly improves the combat effectiveness of the mask, because it can provide higher FiO2 with lower flow of oxygen. If the mask is suitable and does not leak, the inhaled oxygen concentration can reach 100%, but It is also relatively difficult to calculate the exact inhaled oxygen concentration. According to whether there is a one-way valve between the mask and the air bag, it can be divided into partial heavy breathing mask and heavy breathing mask





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