Oxygen Mask Mould-Venturi Inner Mask: High Flow Delivery


The high-flow oxygen delivery system provides a given o […]

The high-flow oxygen delivery system provides a given oxygen concentration at a flow rate that equals or exceeds the patient's inspiratory flow requirement. If the delivered flow exceeds the total flow of the patient, accurate FiO2 delivery can be achieved.


When the inner hood of the venturi mixes oxygen with indoor air, it can produce high flow oxygen enrichment at the desired concentration. It produces accurate and constant FiO2, and the oxygen concentration level is usually set to 24%, 28%, 31%, 35% and 40%, respectively. When clinicians are concerned about CO2 retention or inconsistent breathing drive, Venturi masks are usually used. It is commonly used in people with COPD and is concerned about the risk of knocking out hypoxic drivers.



Depending on the setting, the aerosol generating device can deliver FiO2 from 21% to 100%. The desired FiO2 is selected by adjusting the band located on the top of the aerosol container, and the flow rate is usually set to 10 LPM. A humidity device is connected to the flowmeter, and a wide-bore tube connects it to the patient's mask. Large-diameter pipes and gas storage bags are placed in a line and used as an oxygen storage to ensure accurate high FiO2 delivery. The device can increase the moisture content of the patient and help to liquefy residual secretions. This oxygen delivery option is ideal for patients undergoing tracheostomy because it allows the inhaled air to be oxygenated, humidified, and even heated when necessary. They can be attached to aerosol masks, tracheotomy masks, and even T-pieces. During inhalation, you should see aerosol spray from the mask or container. To ensure accurate oxygen distribution through this system, an oxygen analyzer should be used. The device can be used to ensure accurate oxygen delivery and maintain the humidity of the artificial respiratory tract.



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