Pay Attention To The Use Of Three Way Stopcock


Because the   Three Way Stopcock  is convenient to obta […]

Because the   Three Way Stopcock  is convenient to obtain materials, simple to operate, and economical, it has a variety of magical functions in addition to intravenous infusion, which brings many conveniences to patient care and is easy to be accepted by patients. Therefore, the three-way tube has been clinically used. Is used a lot. With the extensive use of tee links in clinical practice, what issues should we pay attention to when using tee links?


1.Pay attention to the contraindications of drug compatibility


If the drug is pushed through the same three-way port, we must pay attention to the cross-reaction between the drugs. For example, cross-reactions may occur between some anesthetic drugs. For example, everyone knows that the mixture of Teran (Parecoxib Sodium) and Simbe (Tropisetron) will cause flocculation to precipitate. Push the drug in the same three-way port. At the same time, after the previous bolus injection, even a small amount of simbe remaining in the three-way port can still cause precipitation with the subsequent bolus injection; secondly, many operations will inject antibiotics, theoretically all three used three Both pass and empty needles will be contaminated. Empty needles must be used by one person. Cross use is never allowed, otherwise cross-allergy to antibiotics may occur!


Of course, the tee can be connected to two fluid paths, and enter the human body after the two fluid paths merge at the needle position. Therefore, the liquid in the two fluid paths must not have compatibility contraindications, and at the same time, it is impossible to avoid potting, static pushing and other operations during work. Therefore, the drugs to be put into the pot and statically push can not be compatible with any of the two groups of liquids.


2.The three-way connection is easy to loosen

The joints of the tee are smooth. There is no thread, it is easy to loosen during use, resulting in shedding, a large amount of liquid is lost and the mattress is contaminated. It should be fixed during use. Patients should be careful when moving, and nurses should strengthen inspections.


3.Check if it is unblocked after connection

After the three links are connected, the nurse must carefully check whether the three channels are open and whether they are open. Be more careful when connecting the micro pump, especially when the micro pump machine alarms.


4.Pay attention to the mutual influence between the two liquid paths

This phenomenon occurs during work. One of the two fluid paths drips smoothly, but the other fluid path reverses. There are two possibilities for this phenomenon:

1) The needle is blocked. Due to the slow dripping rate of the liquid, the needle is blocked by a blood clot. Once it occurs, puncture again and adjust the dripping rate at any time.


2) The pressure of the two liquids is imbalanced, causing the side with high pressure to perfuse the other side. After discovery, the liquid height and dripping speed should be adjusted to relieve the pressure imbalance to ensure the smoothness of the liquid and ensure the treatment effect.

Although the device is small, the patient's life is priceless, and the responsibility of medical staff is heavy. As medical staff, they should standardize their operations, pay attention to the cleanliness of "small devices", prevent air from entering, and prevent cross-infection of drugs.


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