Precautions In Handling Three Way Stopcock


The direction of the intravenous (IV) dropper connected […]

The direction of the intravenous (IV) dropper connected to the Y-port injection port three-way stopcock without change, causing the drug solution to stand still for 30 minutes. An error was detected after the syringe pump block alarm sounded.


Cautions when using three-way plug valve
The patient end of the three-way stopcock was temporarily closed. Because the patient's flow was not connected, the infusion pump was blocked and the alarm procedure was completed and reopened.


When using a three-way plug valve, check the position of the plug / stem.


A stopper / valve and an IV drip tube were connected to the three-way stopcock to administer antibiotics. After the administration of antibiotics, the stopper was accidentally removed with an intravenous drip tube and the patient's blood leaked.


When removing an IV drip tube from a three-way stopcock, be sure not to accidentally remove the stopper / valve.


Several three-way stopcocks are connected to the central venous catheter. After lying down for a while, the joint between the three-way cock is loose and blood and infusion leak out



If you need to connect multiple tee cocks together, please be cautious about joint looseness and breakage caused by being squeezed or pulled, etc. Periodically check the joints or fluid for looseness and / or displacement leakage, etc.


When the three-way plug valves are connected together, there is a broken or loose joint. Avoid tee connection plug valves as close together as possible.



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