Product Principle and Characteristics of Needleless Syringes


Product name: Needleless Syringe Product use: suitable […]

Product name: Needleless Syringe

Product use: suitable for insulin injection

Product principle:

This product does not use traditional needles and uses the principle of "fluid mechanics" to make the ampoule and the pores form a microchannel, which is transmitted to the subcutaneous tissue in a diffuse manner.

The two main components of a needleless syringe:

1. The medicine-taking and injection parts are a disposable sterile liquid transfer device and a disposable sterile ampoule, which are the core of the needle-free syringe and the basis for the naming of the product;

2. The power propelling part is composed of the ejector and the reset device, which provide power for the injection.


1. It can eliminate the pain during injection;

2. Eliminate the occurrence of needle puncture accidents;

3. Eliminate cross-infection;

4. There will be no induration;

5. No redness, swelling and bruising;

6. No festering;

7. No leakage

8. Other features: Needle-free syringes do not need to be disassembled and washed, and the operation is simple and easy to learn; needle-free syringes are small in size and easy to carry, and can be used by patients with impaired vision.

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