Shengjiu Oxygen Mask Mould is Ergonomic


Because the curled part of the Oxygen Mask Mould is in […]

Because the curled part of the Oxygen Mask Mould is in direct contact with the pilot’s facial skin, it is required to be comfortable, free of allergic reactions and special odors. From the perspective of the oxygen masks currently in service and under development in the United Kingdom, the United States, France and other countries, they all use soft silicone rubber materials that are resistant to aging, oxidation and ozone, and have no abnormal odor (for example, Sauer A hardness of 30-40 degrees silicone rubber ), it has sufficient elasticity and certain rigidity to maintain the shape of the cover.

Since the connecting part of the mask and the device needs to be guaranteed to have sufficient rigidity and strength, different strength, rigidity, and flexibility requirements are put forward for different parts of the oxygen mask to meet different usage requirements.

Since the bottom of the oxygen mask needs to be in contact with the human face, the edges of the products produced cannot fit well with the user’s face, and the edges of the products produced due to moulds and other reasons are not flat enough to ensure the contact with people For comfort, a rubber strip that fits the face is usually buckled on the mask. However, the rubber strips are generally assembled manually, which not only has low production efficiency but also greatly wastes labor. This kind of manual assembly can neither guarantee product hygiene nor guarantee The fit of the product.

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