Syringe Mold Deformation Analysis


In the mold of the syringe and the production process, […]

In the mold of the syringe and the production process, the mold materials often have various defects.
Syringe Mould   deformation: One of the reasons for material deformation is that in order to reduce the cost, the material of the actual mold is not a special mold steel, the rigidity of the template is insufficient, the thickness is insufficient, the heat treatment is improper and the residual stress, the EDM stress, etc., the above reasons often The effect is to increase the amount of deformation. In addition to the corresponding solution, the widening of the die or the use of the force column at each point in the middle of the mold is used. Some molds are not required to be high in height, and can be heated and deformed at a high temperature in the focus position, which is quite effective. People often wear off the edges of the template to reduce the contact surface, and to minimize the depth of the mold to facilitate the effective life of the mold. The deviation of the angular dimension of the cavity after the deformation of the template is difficult to correct. The over-tightened core causes the cavity to be deformed by the wall. This phenomenon is particularly serious when the cavity is multi-cavity. If it is barely used, the flash in the middle of the template will not change. In particular, injection of nylon and other fluidity products should be smoothed with a heavy core. When the mold is trimmed, it is welded to a thin seat, and the amount of deformation is not negligible.

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