Syringe Mold: What Is A Syringe Syringe Mold?


The    Syringe Mould   comprises a fixed side take-up p […]

The    Syringe Mould   comprises a fixed side take-up plate, a movable side pick-up plate, a positioning ring and a sprue sleeve, wherein the fixed side cavity plate is provided with a circulating cooling water channel, and the fixed side cavity plate is used The movable side mold pull rod bolt is screwed with a movable side mold release rod, the movable side mold release rod is movably mounted in the hole of the movable side push plate, and the movable side limit pull rod bolt is used on the movable side take-up board. The threaded connection has a movable side limit rod, and the movable side limit rod is movably worn in the hole of the movable side push plate. The utility model produces a syringe syringe, has a simple mold structure, balanced water circulation cooling, short molding cycle and high production efficiency.

The syringe structure of the disposable syringe comprises a hollow cylinder, and the inner wall of the hollow cylinder is provided with an annular groove matching the upper limit step of the push rod, wherein the annular groove is front and rear. The convex ring constitutes a groove wall, wherein the height of the lord ring is greater than 0.25 mm to 0.35 mm of the front convex ring. Through the height difference between the front and rear convex rings, the product is not easily pulled out after the use of the push rod without damaging the hollow cylinder, which ensures the safety of the syringe "one-time" and is beneficial to prevent cross infection.

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