Syringe Mould-Syringe Syringe Design Principle


The syringe consists of a syringe with a small hole in […]

The syringe consists of a syringe with a small hole in the front end and a matching piston core rod. Syringes are used to inject a small amount of liquid or inject it into areas that are not accessible by other methods or to withdraw from those areas. When the core rod is pulled out, liquid or gas is sucked in through the small hole at the front end of the syringe, and the liquid or gas is squeezed out when the core rod is pushed in. The process of drawing or injecting gas or liquid with a syringe and a syringe is called injection.


Syringes can be made of plastic or all-glass syringes, and usually have a scale indicator on them to indicate the volume of liquid in the syringe. Glass syringes can be sterilized with an autoclave, but modern plastic syringes are mostly made of plastic because of the lower processing costs of plastic syringes, which further reduces the risk of blood-borne diseases. The spread of disease among intravenous drug users, especially HIV and hepatitis, is related to the repeated use of needles and syringes.


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