Talk About Those Things About The I.V. Catheters Mold


I believe everyone is familiar with I.V. Catheters Moul […]

I believe everyone is familiar with I.V. Catheters Mould. Many patients and friends are afraid of repeated injections and infusions after hospitalization. In order to avoid getting vascular needles, again and again, almost everyone chooses I.V. catheters. But what is the best way to indwell needles? How long is it used and how to care for it? How much do you know?

Today Shengjiu Mould will take everyone to talk about the I.V. catheters!

What is the I.V. catheter Injection Mold?

The I.V. catheter is composed of a stainless steel core, a soft outer tube, and a plastic needle seat. During puncture, the outer sleeve and needle core are pierced into the blood vessel together. When the sleeve is inserted into the blood vessel, the needle core is drawn out, and only the soft outer sleeve is left in the blood vessel for infusion.

At present, the I.V. catheters that are widely used clinically are divided into closed I.V. catheters and safety I.V. catheters. The closed I.V. catheters can effectively avoid blood spillover and cause blood contamination during the use of the integrated I.V. catheters. The safe I.V. catheters can effectively prevent needle stick injuries and avoid blood contamination. It is a safe I.V. catheter that prevents needle stick injuries and blood contamination.

What are the advantages of intravenous I.V. catheters in the clinic?

1. The operation is simple, which effectively relieves the pain of patients caused by a repeated puncture.

2. Protect blood vessels, reduce liquid extravasation, while ensuring reasonable medication time, and provide convenience for blood transfusion and transfusion.

3. An open venous channel is reserved, which is convenient for rescue work and greatly reduces the workload of nursing staff.

4. It is suitable for long-term infusion patients, elderly patients, and unconscious patients, especially critically ill patients. The intravenous channel can be opened at any time for early medication, which greatly improves the success rate of rescue.

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