The development prospects of China's medical mold industry


If you want to make a good Syringe Mould, you must firs […]

  1. If you want to make a good Syringe Mould, you must first choose a good mold company. To make a pair of medical molds, some selection conditions are still needed. The scale of the mold company's equipment, the experience of technical personnel, and the ability to respond to emergencies are all manifestations of the mold company's strength.
  2. The second is the quality requirement, that is, the life of the mold. A good mold can produce millions of molds, and some molds need to be repaired after dozens of product molds. The life of the mold should be determined in conjunction with its own capacity. The life of the mold is closely related to the hardness of the steel, and the hardness of the medical mold must be at least HRC40 or higher. In order to control the cost, 3Cr13 material is generally used for about 500,000 molds, and the cost of better steel materials will increase a lot.
  3. There is another problem of medical assembly. Many medical parts are assembled by many accessories. In this case, we need to consider comprehensively. Some parts that require less precision can be multi-cavity.

At present, China's medical equipment mold market shows great development potential. In the international market, due to the rising labor costs in developed countries, they are forced to continue to transfer molds to developing countries, especially those with good technical foundations. reduce manufacturing cost. The trend of multinational companies buying molds in China is still developing, and the development of international emerging markets is also promising.

However, with the development of the market, mold manufacturers' demand for molds is increasing. Emerging industries such as automobile lightweight, intelligentization, new energy, aerospace, biomedicine, rail transit, smart grid, etc. are the development priorities of the country during the 12th Five-Year Plan. The molds required around these key points are also the focus of the development of the mold industry, many of which require new development, many technologies need to be broken, and the overall level of the industry needs to be improved as a breakthrough. Problems such as long production cycle, poor quality, reliability and stability that have plagued the development of the industry for a long time need to be solved for a long time. At the same time, my country's mold design and manufacturing also has a large gap in research and development capabilities, talent quality, basic theory and technology. The development of new fields and new products in molds is slow, and the proportion of high-tech molds is far lower than that of foreign countries.

The medical mold industry already has a considerable foundation, but the bottom line is very large. It is necessary to actively cultivate export bases and key export enterprises. Expand foreign trade and develop exports, so as to achieve integration with the international market, thereby promoting the improvement of my country's Medical Mould technology and industrial comprehensive level.