The Feeling of Gynecological Examination of Vaginal Speculum


I believe that many girls do not like the use of vagina […]

I believe that many girls do not like the use of vaginal speculum when doing gynecological examinations. When obstetricians and gynecologists used the vaginal speculum to check, some girls even felt discomfort and pain. Does the vaginal speculum of the female gynecological examination hurt?

Vaginal speculum mould, mainly used for routine gynecological examination and surgery. Obstetricians and gynecologists use the vaginal speculum to check, mainly to see if your cervix is ​​inflamed, if there is any abnormality in the vaginal mucosa, and to look at the vaginal discharge.

For the feeling of speculum examination of gynecological examination, there must be some discomfort. For the first time for a gynecological examination, it is inevitable to be shy and nervous in front of others, but how to follow the doctor's instructions, inhale deeply, exhale slowly, and relax as much as possible. Most women may still accept the discomfort. Doctors also have a headache for nervous women, because the vaginal opening is muscular tissue. When you are over-tensioned, the speculum cannot be put in, let alone take vaginal secretions.

Of course, the doctor’s technique is also very important. Generally, the technique is relatively gentle. When you go in, you go in first and then return to the normal position. This can effectively reduce pain.

Usually, a little paraffin wax is used for lubrication first, although sometimes taking secretions may affect the results, closing the speculum tightly and only dipping a little paraffin wax on the outer surface will not have much effect on the examination results and can effectively reduce the patient's discomfort. Remind the patient to relax, the more relaxed, the less discomfort will be.

Here, I would like to remind the majority of women that if there are abnormalities in gynecology, they must pay attention to them. They must go to a regular hospital for examination. Don't be afraid of things that will hurt in less than a minute. Health is the most important thing.

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