The Syringe Mould Has Simple Structure And High Production Efficiency


Yuhuan Shengjiu Mould is a professional manufacturer an […]

Yuhuan Shengjiu Mould is a professional manufacturer and supplier of medical mould. Today we will talk about: What is a syringe mould?

Syringe barrel mould, including fixed side take-up plate, movable side take-off plate, positioning ring and sprue sleeve, characterized in that there is a circulating cooling water channel on the fixed side cavity plate, which can be used on the fixed side cavity plate The movable-side mould-opening tie rod bolts are threadedly connected with the movable-side mould-opening tie rods, and the movable-side mould-opening tie rods are movably installed in the holes of the movable side push plate, and the movable-side limit tie rod bolts are used on the movable side take-off plate The movable side limit pull rod is threadedly connected, and the movable side limit pull rod movably passes through the hole of the movable side push plate.

In the production of syringes and barrels, the mould structure is simple, the circulating water is cooled evenly, the moulding cycle is short, and the production efficiency is high.

The barrel structure of a disposable syringe includes a hollow barrel. The proximal end of the hollow barrel is provided with an annular groove matching the upper limit step of the push rod on the inner wall of the hollow barrel. The convex ring constitutes the groove wall, and the height of the back convex ring is greater than the front convex ring by 0.25mm~0.35mm.

Through the height difference between the front and back convex rings, this product makes the push rod not easy to be pulled out without damaging the hollow cylinder after use, ensuring the safety of the “one-time” use of the syringe and helping to prevent cross-infection.

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