Thermal Stability And Design Requirements For Syringe Mold


The shape of the parts of the syringe mold is often com […]

The shape of the parts of the syringe mold is often complicated, and it is difficult to process after quenching. Therefore, it is better to use a material with good thermal stability. When the mold is processed, the linear expansion coefficient is small, the heat treatment deformation is small, and the dimensional change rate caused by temperature difference Small size, stable metallographic structure and mold size, can reduce or no longer process, and can ensure mold dimensional accuracy and surface roughness requirements.


Design requirements for disposable syringe molds

1) It is convenient for the processing and polishing of the product forming cavity to ensure the high quality of the product. This design enables the deep groove (6 deep. 1.2 wide processing to be converted to the shallow groove (0.6 deep) processing, and the processing of the blind groove is changed to Machining of through grooves.

(2) Moving and fixed mold-related inserts can be combined for processing, which improves production efficiency and ensures the accuracy of mold clamping.

(3) The template adopts a closed cavity design, which can ensure that the mold will not be loosened between the inserts to cause flashover when the mold is used for a long time, resulting in flashing on the surface of the product.

(4) The high-precision inserts have good interchangeability, so that the mold is not overhauled or scrapped due to the damage of the partial cavity, and the life of the mold is extended.

(5) The cavity uses a combination of inserts, so that the overall hardenability of the cavity is fully improved, and the strength is improved.


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