Three Way Stopcock And Two Check Valves: Rapid Infusion System


Manual injections have been used with syringes to initi […]

Manual injections have been used with syringes to initiate rapid infusions in case of sudden massive bleeding. We propose a useful method for rapid infusion using a three-way stopcock and two check valves. In this method, we connect two check valves to both sides of the three-way stopcock. Syringes that pump the syringe up and down can produce the proper volumetric flow without bypassing the cock of the three-way stopcock and flowing to one side. We compared the flow using this system to the flow using a three-way stopcock without a check valve. We used a volunteer to measure the amount of water injected in 20 seconds using a system (check valve block) or a three-way plug valve (Three Way Stopcock block) without a check valve. In the triple effect group, 54.8 ± 3.0 ml of water was injected every 20 seconds (n = 8). In the non-return group, the amount of water infused was approximately twice (98.2 ± 6.0 ml / 20 sec, n = 9, relative to the triple effect paired t test, p <0.001). We have been using the system for 3 months; at that time, there were no complications (such as air injection or hemolysis). Rapid infusion systems should use a three-way stopcock with two check valves for rapid infusion to prevent massive bleeding.

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