Three Way Stopcock is Widely Used in The Medical Field


The medical three way stopcock is generally used in con […]

The medical three way stopcock is generally used in conjunction with other medical devices, as an intravenous injection or blood transfusion to the human body, and it is widely used in the medical field.

At present, the three-way valve commonly used in medical clinics usually includes a manual knob to manually control the closing and opening of the pipeline. Because the manual operation process is relatively cumbersome and error-prone, it brings great safety hazards to medical work.

Later, a medical three-way valve that can be controlled automatically in one direction appeared on the market. It includes a three-way valve body. The three-way valve body is equipped with an inlet channel and a drain channel, and both the inlet channel and the drain channel are provided. There is a plug, and a spring is sleeved on the plug to elastically press the plug against the liquid inlet of the liquid inlet channel and the liquid inlet of the liquid discharge channel.

By pulling and pushing the syringe, the liquid inlets of the liquid inlet channel and the liquid discharge channel can be opened separately in order to prevent the liquid medicine from flowing back into the liquid inlet channel from the liquid discharge channel, thereby achieving the purpose of one-way automatic control.

However, since the spring will shake or shift during the deformation process, it is easy to cause uneven force, which will cause loss between the three-way valve body and the spring, as well as between the plug and the spring, and the debris generated by wear will be Contaminate the liquid medicine, thereby endangering human health.

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