Vaginal Speculum Mould -Key Points For Using Vaginal Speculum


How is a Vaginal Speculum used for pelvic physiotherapy […]

How is a Vaginal Speculum used for pelvic physiotherapy? China Medical Mould Company & Yuhuan Shengjiu Mould Co., Ltd. explained:


A Vaginal Speculum is most effective when used to prevent a patient's body parts (finger or penis) or objects (tampons, speculums for GYN examination, vibrators, etc.) from entering the vaginal cavity through the vaginal opening. Some examples of these types of conditions are:

Vaginal cramps

Difficult sexual intercourse (painful sexual behavior)

Vulvar pain

Skin diseases, such as: lichen sclerosis, lichen planus, dermatitis

Vulvar hormone changes

Vulvar cancer

Post-radiation treatment of gynecological cancer-especially in the vaginal canal.

Genital or vaginal trauma



For example, if someone has a skin condition before or during the pelvic PT treatment period or the use of a dilator, you may need to apply a topical cream to the vulvar tissue. Essentially, the use of a dilator does not replace the best medical and physical therapy management methods. Instead, it is an excellent adjunct to an appropriate treatment regimen.


As a pelvic PT can prove that over the years, many patients have been evaluated using various dilators and frustrated appearances. After choosing the right dilator and guiding the patient to use it correctly, the chances of success are high. Skilled pelvic physiotherapy can help guide you with a dilator!


When choosing a dilator:


I make sure the size fits the patient. For patients who are unable to perform a GYN test or use tampons, their initial height may differ from women who have regular intercourse and who can use tampons, but the pain initially increases. The size of some dilators started to be too large for patients to use comfortably. Soul Source has one of the smallest starting sizes.


Another consideration is the type of material used. There are many devices made of plastic or other harder synthetic materials there. This can be very painful for the patient. The silicone material of the Soul Source Expander is softer and more athletic. Put down your hands and most patients will feel most comfortable.


In an ideal world, the pelvic PT should first demonstrate to the patient how to properly use the dilator. This includes the best way to insert the dilator (many people don't know about this), the lubricant to use, how to properly work the dilator, and tips on how to promote the desired results and transition to the ultimate goal.


Here, pelvic PT plays an important role in the patient's successful outcome. In most educational manuals I've seen, the main focus of the dilator is to stretch the vaginal canal and muscles over time to achieve the desired effect. This is only part of what is happening, and if it is only addressed in this area, this may be why some patients are not progressing well. The way I instruct the expander is related to 3 main factors.


1.Desensitization / Nervous System Action: I think the main way a dilator is helpful is the part that is usually overlooked when explaining to patients. Professional medical methods can be used here and have a big impact. When someone feels pain when trying to insert a finger, penis, or object into the vagina, more happens than the end result of the patient experiencing pain. Pain is a product of the brain. When the nervous system is in "alert" mode, people's perception of pain may increase. Therefore, if someone is already eager or afraid to use or be touched by an expander in that area, their nervous system will be "accelerated".


2."Stretch" effect: This is the most discussed method commonly used for dilators. We can use a dilator as a tool to slowly or slowly stretch or relax the vaginal canal and pelvic floor muscles. This can be done by insertion alone, or there are ways to educate patients on how to provide greater pressure and static stretching to the muscles.


3."Functional" effect: An expander is essentially a measure of readiness. The dilator is the bridge between the intolerance of any touch or insertion in the area and the full penetration. We teach strategies on how to gradually transition from a small size to a large size; from no movement to simulating insert and move in / out movements; from maintaining one posture to simulating various postures (this may apply to the way of tampon placement, changing sexual posture Wait).



Once the patient is satisfied with the education and demonstration, a dilator is recommended as part of the family plan. This is an effective way to make patients feel proactive medical services rather than waiting for a doctor to do something for them or for them. Furthermore, this is a method of continuous improvement, because patients can use them on a regular basis and sometimes they can be used as planned.



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