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The size of the Vaginal Speculum ranges from 13 millime […]

The size of the Vaginal Speculum ranges from 13 millimeters (1/2 inch) to 39 millimeters (1/2 inch). Each 6 inches (15 cm) long, rounded at one end and made of sterilizable medical grade plastic. It is used to restore vaginal volume, expand the width and depth of the vagina, provide flexibility to the tissue, and allow for comfortable sexual activity. The Vaginal Speculum is a smooth plastic, rubber or glass cylindrical body with various scales and weights.


Some medical conditions may require the use of Vaginal Speculums, including superficial dysmenorrhea, high pelvic floor dysfunction, vaginal fistula, induced vestibular instability, vaginal atrophy, vulvar skin disease, vaginal hypoplasia, and post-radiation adhesions. Expansion can also be used as a conditional therapy for the treatment of mental disorders. Some medical professionals advocate the use of dilating agents in women with sexual dysfunction to interrupt pain-fear-muscle spasm--more pain and build confidence in the "privacy of marriage bedrooms."


A Vaginal Speculum is usually sufficient to restore function, and if the woman is able to restore comfortable sexual intercourse or self-stimulation as needed, the dilator therapy is considered successful. 1,6 vaginal dilation can also be used as an adjunct to physiotherapy of pelvic floor muscles, psychotherapy, sexual therapy, local vaginal estrogen therapy with minimal local absorption, intravaginal muscle relaxants, lubricants, moisturizers and vibrators.


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