Vaginal Speculum Mould -Vaginal Speculum Operation: Observations


The vagina is a latent space that is normally closed. T […]

The vagina is a latent space that is normally closed. The speculum is used to open the vaginal wall, which is convenient to observe and treat vaginal or cervical and uterine lesions. The surgeon or examiner wears sterile gloves and prepares a vaginal Vaginal Speculum. Hold the device with one hand and gently separate the labia minora with one hand, exposing the vagina.


The Vaginal Speculum  was gently moved along the vagina, and the longitudinal line of the vagina and the large transverse diameter of the Vaginal Speculum were fed at an angle of 0 degrees. Open the upper and lower leaves slowly.


Exposing the cervix.


At this point, observe the condition of the vaginal wall and vaginal fornix, whether there are tumors, abrasions, redness, swelling, etc. Then observe the characteristics of vaginal secretions: taste, color, viscosity, etc., and record it. Cervical conditions: whether the surface is smooth, whether there are neoplasms, tumors, polyps; whether there are hidden or exposed cysts on the surface of the cervical. For hypertrophy, bleeding, swelling, record it; for redness and swelling, record it.


When finished, gently follow the vagina and remove. Be careful not to pinch or scratch soft tissues along the way. Gently massage the perineum with your other hand for a moment. Done. Ask the patient to get up.


Friendly reminder: if there is vaginal bleeding, you must check the situation, you need to disinfect the perineum and vagina with sterilized gloves, and operate with sterile gloves. And the operator must be disinfected by six hands.


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