Vaginal Speculum mould-why use a Vaginal Speculum?


After radiation therapy: If a woman performs radiation […]

After radiation therapy: If a woman performs radiation therapy on or near the vagina, a dilator is usually given at the end of the treatment. First, the use of a dilator helps prevent the vaginal walls from sticking to each other and close the scar during healing. As the healing progresses, the radiation causes fibrosis (scarring process) in the vaginal wall. Using a dilator or having total sexual intercourse 2-3 times a week can help the vagina stay as deep and wide as possible. Repeatedly, studies have shown that most women do not follow the usual recommendations, use dilators or have intercourse 3 times a week, even within a few months after radiotherapy, or even within a few months after radiotherapy, although scars remain Continue, but for many years. Occurs at least 3-5 years.


After vaginal reconstruction: If a woman undergoes surgery to reconstruct the vagina due to birth defects, future health problems, or cancer treatment, she can tailor a Vaginal Speculum for her to wear it on the day when she sleeps and within hours of pregnancy. The dilator helps the new vagina to be as deep and wide as possible during the healing process. If a skin graft is used to make the vagina, the dilator is most likely to be used. The vagina created by the intestine or skin and muscle flaps may not need them.


To maintain long-term vaginal size after menopause or cancer treatment: Vaginal Speculums can help women maintain sufficient vaginal size and extension for painless intercourse or pelvic examination after menopause. Hormonal treatment of breast cancer. In addition, when the immune system attacks donor stem cells or bone marrow and the immune system attacks tissues in the body, the Vaginal Speculum can be used to prevent scar formation during graft-versus-host syndrome.


Create a vagina for young women who have no babies: some women have no babies. Instead, they have a small "dimple", which is a dead end. When they reach adulthood, they can choose surgery to create the vagina or expand it. They pressed the dilator into the vaginal opening for about half an hour, twice a day. Within a few weeks, they can deepen their openness to have sex with a male partner. However, they must continue to use dilators or regular sexual activity to maintain the vaginal tube. If their condition involves abnormally low hormone levels, they also use estrogen ointment to improve the elasticity of the vaginal area.


To treat the fear of vaginal penetration: some women are strongly afraid of something entering the vagina. This problem is called vaginal spasm or pelvic floor pain. Sex therapists used to think that women with vaginosis would clench vaginal muscles and prevent them from penetrating. Recently, it has been recognized that this problem is a phobia caused when a partner tries to insert a finger or penis into the vaginal entrance. Muscle tension may coexist with fear, but not always. Women can usually relax muscles while practicing Vaginal Speculums to overcome vaginal spasms. The key factor is that women can control what goes into the vagina.



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