What Is A Three-Way Stopcock? How To Use?


Click on the connector with 2 female Luer ports and a m […]

Click on the connector with 2 female Luer ports and a male Luer lock. 3 ports have been capped. Color studs are provided and can be fixed for color coding. Taps are usually blue or red, indicating vein or arterial use, respectively. Some plug valves are already connected to extension tubes.

Key areas used
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Available for intra-arterial and intravenous systems. If used for arterial purposes (for blood sampling), place the red peg on the device. Use the handle on the top of the stopcock to open and close the tubing to provide three-way flow (from inlet to outlet, inlet to side port, or side port to outlet). Up to 1 for infusion of drugs / drugs and connection of extension cords. Blood samples can also be collected through the injection port.

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