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Name: Syringe Mould Minimum order quantity: 1 sets
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter Price: Inquiry
Brands: Shengjiu Packing details: Container
Certificate: - Delivery time: 4-10 Weeks
Model: - Payment method: T/T



  • -Name/Products: Syringe Mould, Syringe Barrel Mould, Syringe Plunger Mould, Syringe Gasket Mould, Insulin Syringe Mould, Insulin Syringe Barrel Mould, Insulin Syringe Plunger Mould, Insulin Syringe Gasket Mould. Syringe Molds, Syringe Barrel Molds, Syringe Plunger Molds, Syringe Gasket Molds, Insulin Syringe Molds, Insulin Syringe Barrel Molds, Insulin Syringe Plunger Molds, Insulin Syringe Gasket Molds. 
  • -Specifications: 16-128cavity (can be specified / customized)
  • -Mould Life: 4-8 million or more times
  • -Runner: Cold Runner/Semi-hot Runner/Fully Hot Runner(can be specified/customized)
  • -Speed rate: 15-20 seconds / shot or faster
  • -Warranty: 1 million shots (or counting in one year with customers' maintenance)
  • -Mold material: mold frame 718H, cavity S136, core SKD61 (can be specified / customized)
  • -Mold hardness: mold frame HRc46, cavity HRc52, core HRc56 (material can be specified / custom)
  • -Applicable models: 120T-200T (specified by the number of cavities)
  • -Adopting imported formwork material, Sweden Assab Co. Stainless Stavax S136 cavity and core, Japanese SKD61 cavity and core, the whole quenching inlay is made, automatic production design. The service life is more than 4 million times.


More Descriptions

  • -A syringe is a simple reciprocating pump consistingof a plunger with a gasket that fits tightly within a cylindrical tubecalled a barrel.


  • -Syringe Mould consist 3 components of moulds, they are barrel mould, plunger mould, and gasket mould. The tip of a syringe can be two types, Luer Slip Syringe or Luer Lock Syringe. So the barrel mould can be offered in Luer Slip Barrel Mould or Luer Lock Barrel Mould. 

-Luer Lock Syringe. Source from:



  • -Syringe Mould size: 0.5ml syringe mould, 2ml syringe mould, 5ml syringe mould, 10ml syringe mould, 20ml -syringe mould, 50ml syringe mould, 100ml syringe mould, 150ml syrigne mould. 


-Please check out our syringe samples of different sizes:


  • -Syringe Mould Cavities: 16-128 Cavities. For syringe gasket mould, the cavities can be even more. 


-Moreover, there are Syringe Needle Hub Mould and Syringe Needle Cap Mould. Yuhuan Shengjiu Mould Company is the number one company in China for making the Needle Hub Mould and Needle Cap Mould for 30 years. In China, 60% above of the Needle Hub Mould and Needle Cap Mould are made by Yuhuan Shengjiu Mould Company. 



Yuhuan Shengjiu Mould Co.,Ltd is the leader in disposable medical instruments mould industry. Its predecessor is Yuhuan Huade Plastic Company, was officially established in 1993, and Yuhuan Shengjiu Mould Co.,Ltd. was established in 2007.

    We are absorbed in the research and development, production, sales and service of disposable medical instrument mold with approximate 30 years. To supply customers with high quality, high efficiency, high mould life of disposable medical equipment. To provide customers one complete plan or one-stop serives of moulds, to help and improve the production of disposable medical equipment. According to the requirements of the market and customers, Shengjiu Company develops lots of new type medical moulds with fully hot runner system, and develops a variety of innovative and scientific medical instruments for customers.


   Shengjiu Mould also accept OEM, original equipment manufacture for customers all over the world. According to the requirment, we can produce and sale medical components in our 100,000 Class Cleanroom to our customers. Shengjiu extend a warm welcome to customers to provide samples and drawings to customize all kinds of medical components.


Easy Transportation

* Sea Freight The Starhouse cabin structure when flat packed for transportation is designed in accordance with a standard ISO shipping container. The corner casting structure enables lifting capability utilizing a crane in the same manner as a standard ISO shipping container. * On Site Transportation The dimensions of the forklift pockets on the cabin structure is 85mm* 260mm which enables forklift capability on site. * Road Freight Due to the structure being the same dimensions as a standard ISO shipping container road freight is efficient and easy to handle the cargo.

Fast Construction

Turnkey solution due to all components being flat packed, including the roof structure, floor, wall panels, doors, windows and interior decoration.
Up to 40% time saving on construction over convention building techniques due to all structural elements being prefabricated.
Construction of a single cabin can be undertaken with only four skilled workers.

Flexible Combination

The Starhouse cabins can be assembled and then disassembled for re transportation via road, train or sea.
Individual cabins can be linked together to form larger structures at ease through the starhouse Smart linking kit.
Internal wall panels can be removed and changed at the clients’ discretion to provide flexible layout options.

Cost Saving

Transportation costs are reduced by up to 75% cost compared with Traditional Architecture or modified containers.
Construction time is reduced by up to 40% saving time and money.
The ability to change internal layouts or relocate structures provides cost savings.


Mineral wool which is used primarily for insulation in the structures can be recycled
The structure of the cabin is made from steel and once the client has no further use of the structure the steel can be recycled
Our manufacturing facilities are energy efficient with strict governance on wastage of materials and water supply.

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