Medical Mould-The Structure And Basic Parts Of Plastic Mould


1.Composition The structure of the blow mould, casting […]

The structure of the blow mould, casting mouldand thermoforming mouldis relatively simple.

Compression moulds, injection moulds, and transfer moulds have relatively complex structures, and there are many parts that make up such moulds.

2.The basic parts are:

①moulded parts, including concave moulds, punches, and various moulding cores, are parts of the inner and outer surfaces or upper and lower end surfaces, side holes, undercuts and threads of the moulded products.

② Support fixed parts, including mould base plate, fixed plate, support plate, cushion block, etc., used to fix the mould or support pressure.

③Guide parts, including guide posts and guide sleeves, are used to determine the relative position of the movement of the mould or ejection mechanism.

④ Core pulling parts, including inclined pins, sliders, etc., are used to pull out the movable core when the mould is opened to demould the product.

⑤ Push out parts, including push rod, push tube, push block, push plate, push ring, push rod fixing plate, push plate, etc., to demould products. Most injection moulds are promoted to use standard mould bases. This mould base is a complete set of basic parts whose structure, form and size have been standardized and serialized. The mould cavity can be processed according to the shape of the product. The use of a standard mould frame is beneficial to shorten the moulding cycle.


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