Needleless Injection Site -What Is A Needleless Connector ?


The pinless connector is made of lightweight plastic th […]

The pinless connector is made of lightweight plastic that is waterproof and mouldable, and is not affected by chemicals, silicone, polyester and stainless steel. There are several significant design differences, functional differences, and feature differences between the various types of needleless systems.


The exterior of the needleless valve will become transparent or opaque and have a flat, concave, concave or angled connection surface at the center. For maximum disinfection opportunities, the most desirable external design of a needleless connector is a smooth diaphragm surface with few gaps or bumps.



If the seal connecting the diaphragm and the needleless valve is tight, the chance of contamination is much lower. Other features of the needleless connector are no clamping sequence, straight and clear fluid channels, transparency, little or no blood backflow, and can only be rinsed with saline.


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