Product Introduction about Safety Needle Mould


Safety Needle Mould, a safety needle structure of an in […]

Safety Needle Mould, a safety needle structure of an injection mold slider, including an inclined guide post, a slider, a safety needle, an ejector rod, and a top plate. After the safety needle smoothly penetrates the missing hole or through hole on one side of the slider, the ejector rod can extend into the cavity, avoiding the mutual interference between the ejector rod and the slider, and has the advantages of safety and reliability.

Product Description:

1. Made of high-quality austenitic stainless steel;

2. The needle tube adopts the international popular thin-walled tube design, with large inner diameter and high flow;

3. Exquisite needle tip design, good sharpness of the three-blade surface structure, fast needle insertion, less pain and less tissue damage;

4. The 6:100 conical connector produced according to international standards has accurate dimensions and good compatibility with medical equipment;

5. The color identification specifications of the needle seat are easy to distinguish and use, and the translucent design is adopted to easily observe the blood return;

6. The shielded protective shell can effectively shield the needle tip after use to ensure that the needle tip will not be noticed. 7. External puncture wounds medical staff, patients and other people, so as to achieve a protective effect and reduce infection.

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