Temperature Influence Of Medical Mold


In the injection molding of medical molds, the temperat […]

In the injection molding of medical molds, the temperature of the medical mold directly affects the quality and production efficiency of the product. Due to the different properties of plastics and molding process requirements, the requirements for medical mold temperatures are also different. Generally, the temperature of the plastic melt injected into the medical mold is about 200 ° C. After the melt is solidified into a product, the mold is released from the mold at about 60 ° C. The temperature is lowered by introducing cooling water into the mold to remove the heat. . For plastics requiring lower mold temperatures (generally below 80 ° C), such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, ABS, etc., only a cooling system is required, as the temperature of the mold can be adjusted by adjusting the flow rate of water. . For plastics requiring higher mold temperature (80-120 ° C), such as polycarbonate, polyphenylene ether, etc., if the mold is large, the mold heat dissipation area is wide, sometimes it is not enough to directly inject high-temperature plastic to heat the mold, so it is necessary Set the heating device.


Some plastic products have high requirements for physical properties, appearance and dimensional accuracy, and the temperature requirements for medical molds are very strict. To this end, special medical mold temperature regulators must be designed to strictly control the temperature of each part of the medical mold. The cooling of the medical mold mainly adopts the circulating water cooling method, and the heating of the medical mold is heated by hot water, steam, hot oil and electric resistance wire. The above is the design of the cooling system for medical injection molds. Heating with hot water, hot oil or steam also requires heating channels in the medical mold, so it is basically the same as the cooling channel design.


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