Three Way Stopcock-Laparoscopic Gas Injection: Effective Airtight Connector


Laparoscopic surgery has become the gold standard surgi […]

Laparoscopic surgery has become the gold standard surgical care for the treatment of certain pathologies, especially benign gallbladder diseases. Although laparoscopic cholecystectomy is more expensive than open cholecystectomy, it does provide patients with a better quality of life. This has led to an increase in laparoscopic surgery. In order to reduce the cost of surgery, especially in developing countries, surgical instruments often need to be sterilized and repeatedly used. However, doing so will often loosen the connecting nozzle of the carbon dioxide injection tube and improperly install on the valve of the laparoscopic sleeve. This led to frequent disconnection of the gas inlet tube, resulting in loss of pneumoperitoneum, which exacerbated the frustration and confusion of the surgical team. To solve this problem, we have been using a three-way plug valve with a spin lock, which is close to the trocar and tubing nozzle. Therefore, we prefer to use a plug valve in the peripheral placement port of the metal/plastic sleeve; this method avoids the rapid atomization of "cold" laparoscopic lenses that enter the "warm" abdominal cavity, especially when the umbilical cord hole is used for gas When flowing in. In addition, this three-way method can bear the weight of the trachea without being "sinked" by the connected casing. This simple assembly is quite effective in the more than 3,000 laparoscopic operations we have completed. In addition, another part of the plug valve can be used to expel the surgical smoke only by rotating the knob, thereby further saving the surgical time, especially at the end of a long laparoscopic surgery.


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