How to Operate Needleless Injection Site?


Today Shengjiu will give you a brief introduction to th […]

Today Shengjiu will give you a brief introduction to the operation method of Needleless Injection Site.

Preparation before use:

(1) In order to reduce the contamination of the syringe and parts by dust and bacteria, wash your hands before preparing to use

(2) Before opening the medicine tube and the medicine taking interface package, please confirm whether the environment where you are going to inject is clean. If the air flow is large, try to reduce the air flow, such as closing the door or window. It is not suitable to inject in crowded or heavily polluted places.

Injection steps:

The first step is to pressurize

Syringe preparation: Put the syringe into the reducer and place its safety lock in the "safe" position, then close the reducer and pressurize the syringe.

The second step is to inhale

One end of the needle of the medicine taking interface is connected with the insulin medicine bottle, and the other end is connected with the medicine tube. Keep the syringe upright and rotate the lower end to the left to inhale the required dose.

The third step, injection

Take a relaxed sitting position and hold the syringe vertically and close to the injection site. Press the safety lock with your index finger and press the injection button with your thumb. The injection is complete.

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