Medical Mould Adjustment: The Impact Of Medical Product Quality


The influence of medical mould temperature adjustment o […]

The influence of medical mould temperature adjustment on the quality of medical mould products is shown in the following aspects:

(1) Deformation. Stable medical mould temperature and balanced cooling speed can reduce the deformation of medical mould products. For medical products with inconsistent wall thicknesses and complex shapes, warping deformation often occurs due to uneven shrinkage, so a suitable cooling system must be adopted to make the temperature of each part of the concave mould and core of the medical mould basically Keep it uniform so that the plastic melt in the cavity can solidify at the same time.

(2) Dimensional accuracy of medical mould. Using the temperature adjustment system to keep the temperature of the medical mould constant, can reduce the fluctuation of the moulding shrinkage rate of the product, and improve the stability of the dimensional accuracy of the medical mould product. When possible, the use of lower mould temperature can help reduce the moulding shrinkage of the product. For example, for crystalline plastics, because the mould temperature is lower, the crystallinity of the product is lower, and lower crystallinity can reduce shrinkage. However, the low crystallinity is not conducive to the dimensional stability of the product. From the perspective of dimensional stability, it is necessary to appropriately raise the temperature of the medical mould to make the crystallization of the medical product uniform.

(3) Mechanical properties of medical moulds. For crystalline plastics, the higher the crystallinity, the greater the stress cracking tendency of the product, so from the perspective of reducing stress cracking, it is advantageous to lower the temperature control. However, for high-viscosity amorphous plastics such as polycarbonate, the stress cracking tendency is related to the size of the internal stress in the product. Increasing the medical mould temperature helps reduce the internal stress in the product, which also reduces its stress cracking tendency.

(4) Surface quality of medical mould. Increasing the temperature of the medical mould can improve the surface quality of the product. It produces obvious fusion lines, which leads to an increase in the surface roughness of the medical mould product. The above several aspects have contradictory requirements on the temperature of medical moulds, focusing on meeting the main performance requirements of medical mould products.



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