Medical Mould: Introduction Of Disposable Umbilical Cord Clipper


Scope of application Umbilical cord clipper is used to […]

Scope of application

Umbilical cord clipper is used to cut placental umbilical cord during birth canal or cesarean section, instead of traditional multi-step operation.


1.Simple operation

Replace traditional multi-step operation process


Reliable sterilization of disposable instruments to avoid pathogen contamination caused by inadequate disinfection of repeatedly used instruments. Use strict and uniform mechanical clamping to make the umbilical cord broken and firmly clamped.

3.Protect medical staff

Both sides of the umbilical cord's stump are simultaneously cut off from the undirected area in the middle after being clamped at the same time, so there is no danger of bleeding at all, which fundamentally avoids the risk of blood infection for medical staff.

4.The whole process takes one second

Minimize the time to cut off and reduce the difficulty of operation, to win time for dangerous situations such as caesarean section, umbilical cord wound.


1.Insert the umbilical cord into the top of the V-shaped clamp groove, leave a 2 to 4 cm gap between the clipper and the baby's belly, and then cut the umbilical cord with a continuous and powerful action.

2.Take the clip: grasp the timing of taking the umbilical cord clip, stipulate that the time for taking the clip is within 24 ~ 48 hours, but you must first evaluate whether the end of the umbilical cord is dry, the color is yellow and translucent,

Only qualified clips can be used to remove the umbilical cord clip; avoid premature removal of the umbilical cord when it is dry, so as not to cause adverse consequences.


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