Medical mould-What Is a Medical Injection Mould?


 Medical mould injection moulding mould is referred to […]

 Medical mould injection moulding mould is referred to as medical injection mould, also known as medical injection mould. The injection mould is a mould used for plastic injection moulding. Injection moulding is to add plastic raw materials to the barrel of the injection machine, melt it into a viscous flow state after heating, under the push of the screw or plunger of the injection machine, enter the mould and the cavity through the nozzle, the plastic is in the mould cavity Hardening stereotypes. Medical injection moulds are mainly used for the moulding of thermoplastics, but in recent years, more and more thermosetting plastics have been formed by this force method. Medical mould injection moulding occupies a large proportion in plastic moulding production, and more than half of plastic moulds are injection moulds.



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