Needleless Injection Site -Setting And Replacement Of Needleless Connectors


Setting up the pinless connector There are two ways to […]

Setting up the pinless connector
There are two ways to use a needleless connector when connecting an IV or syringe. First, you can manually push the IV Luer tip or connected cannula through the split replacement. The luer tip or connected sleeve is connected to the luer lock on the mechanical valve. No matter which method is used, do not use the actual needle.

As research on the optimal use of needleless valves still contradicts, there are different views on policies and procedures regarding the best practices for the proper use and disposal of needleless valves.

Replace the needleless connector
Needleless connectors increase the risk of blood infections associated with catheters. This risk is related to improper cleaning and flushing of connectors, intravenous infusion operations, poor clamping methods, and infrequent replacement of connectors.

The CDC guidelines state that needleless connectors should be replaced at the same time interval (every 72-96 hours) of intravenous infusion devices or when blood is drawn. However, there are also healthcare providers who replace needleless connectors every 7 days.

Differences such as these may lead to an increased risk of catheter-related blood infections in hospitals in the United States and internationally. In addition, only about half of health care providers correctly report the correct steps for cleaning needleless connectors.

The lack of a unified policy on how to properly clean, maintain, and use needleless connectors seems to be the only reason for the rapid increase in catheter-related bloodstream infections. The best way to solve this problem is to first formulate a unified working strategy and procedures for connector cleaning, rinsing, use, material handling and disposal.

Once unified policies and procedures are in place, all medical service providers must undergo frequent training. If the method is updated, additional training should be conducted to reflect the updated strategy and process.

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